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ANU Philosophers Awarded Over AU$1.5 Million

Faculty at the School of Philosophy at Australian National University (ANU) have recently received multiple grants totaling over AU$1.5 million (roughly US$1.15 million). 

  • Rachael Brown won an ANU Futures Award of AU$450,000 for work on philosophical issues related to the evolution of animal cognition and behavior, the relationship between Evo-devo and the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis, as well as model-based reasoning in biology and philosophy.
  • Bronwyn Finnigan won an ARC Early Career Researcher award of AU$380,000 for work on Buddhist ethics and moral psychology and its relation to Western approaches to these topics.
  • Matthew Kopec won an ARC Early Career Researcher award of AU$360,000 for work on devising strategies for group decision-making.
  • Katie Steele won an ANU Futures Award of AU$409,000 for work on decision-framing, theories of causation, inferences from predictive models, and ethics and risk.
  • Christian Barry and John Broome (Honorary Professor at ANU) were part of a successful ARC Discovery bid with Jeremy Moss (University of New South Wales) and Garrett Cullity (Adelaide) on developing a “rigorous ethical framework for dividing the world’s remaining ‘carbon budget’”, which was awarded $360,000.

Seth Lazar, head of the school, put together a press release with further details about the awards, which you can view here.

left to right: Matthew Kopec, Katie Steele, Christian Barry, Bronwyn Finnigan, Rachael Brown

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